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Offering prenatal breastfeeding classes, and prenatal childbirth and baby care classes… In the comfort of your own home or join our group classes!


 Does your schedule make it difficult to attend group classes? Would you prefer for the course to come to you in your own home? Now you can benefit from having the classes in your own home on your schedule! Classes can be personalized to work for your situation and you never need to feel embarrassed to ask questions. We teach using videos, discussion, hands on practice and and for private in-home classes we connect the course to your HDMI outlet on your TV while you sit comfortably on your couch.  Do you know another couple who would be interested in attending the classes in your home?  Discounted rates for multiple couples, email for more details.

Group classes use videos, discussion, games and hands on practice with dolls with the benefit of meeting other expectant families.  Our classes are fun and interactive.  Be prepared for Childbirth, caring for baby, feeding baby and parenting by taking one of our Prenatal Classes! Prenatal Class Interest Form

Email for more information, and to register! Spaces limited. Group Prenatal Classes are in York Region or South Simcoe, Ontario

We have self-directed online Prenatal Classes at a discounted rate, see below form for new pricing

See our online watch at your own pace courses.  Follow the instructions on the form, once the form is filled out and payment sent the courses will be sent to you to start your learning!

Introducing Solids Workshop 

Next up Solids!  What an exciting, messy time for you and your baby.  Our poplar Intro to Solids class is back!

This 1.5 hour workshop goes over current recommendations for introducing solids, tips and tricks, how to know baby is ready for solids, information on what to introduce when, how much to feed, baby led weaning, safety tips, information on allergens and how to respond and the action to take if baby is choking.  This workshop will be offered live online where you will be able to ask questions!

This workshop is taught by an experiences Registered Nurse and Board Certified Lactation Consultant who is also a Certified First Aid and CPR instructor.

We recommend taking this course when your baby is between 3-7 months old so you are prepared for introduction of solids which is recommended around 6 months when baby is showing signs of readiness!

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

$30.00 (per couple-Group class)

Get a head start on breastfeeding by learning the keys to success. Understanding how a mother’s breast milk supply is created, and the normal behaviour of a newborn can greatly increase your success at breastfeeding while boosting your confidence. This course is great for first time Moms and for those who struggled with previous a breastfeeding experience; either way, this knowledge will arm you with the information needed to succeed at breastfeeding. Class taught by experienced supportive IBCLC (Lactation Consultant). Option of a Private Class available in your home which includes assessment and breastfeeding plan creation tailored to your needs.

$150.00 (per couple-private class)

Private: In-home Prenatal Childbirth and Baby Care Class

$325.00 (per couple)

Topics covered Include:

 | Late Pregnancy discomfort | Warning signs  |  Stages of labour |  Interventions and options |  Comfort measures-Medicated and Non-medicated |  C-section and vaginal birth |  How to write a birth plan – and have an empowered birth |  Post-partum recovery |  Caring for your newborn |  Feeding your newborn | Parenting |

The course content can be customized to meet your needs. such as expecting multiples or introducing a sibling to the new baby. Small group private classes are always an option-do you know another pregnant couple, why not invite them and make a small group?  Discount will be applied to both couples for small groups.

Group Prenatal Childbirth and Baby Care Class

$185.00 (per couple)

Want to meet other parents-to-be in a fun group setting at a discounted price? Then our group prenatal classes are for you! Fun prizes, laughs and current information you need will make for a fun day learning the essentials for the upcoming birth and care of your baby.

Topics covered Include:
| Late Pregnancy discomfort | Warning signs  |  Stages of labour |  Interventions and options |  Comfort measures-Medicated and Non-medicated |  C-section and vaginal birth |  How to write a birth plan – and have an empowered birth |  Post-partum recovery|  Caring for your newborn |  Feeding your newborn | Parenting |